Political asylum in France for Kudu Anju

According to the report, the Sri Lankan Police has started negotiations with the International Police to bring an underworld criminal, Sinhara Amal Shamin de Silva aka Gonakovile Kudu Anju, who has been arrested and remanded in custody by the French police, to this country.

He is suspected to be responsible for many murders, including the murder of Sri Lankan cricketer Dhananjaya Silva’s father, Ranjan Silva, and has been staying with his wife in France for some time. The French police made this arrest based on a complaint she made to the police over a dispute with his wife there.

After Kudu Anju’s wife informed the French police that there was an international red warrant against her husband, the French police through the International Police informed Sri Lanka to arrest him.

It is also reported that because Kudu Anju is staying in France on political asylum, bringing him back will not be as easy as bringing Karak Kata and others. After the killing of Kudu Anju’s brother Langsia by Gonakovile Roha, he fled to France through Malaysia and hoped for political protection in that country by showing the killing.

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