A best lesson for the world from Asha de Vos

Dr. Asha DeVos, a well-known Sri Lankan marine biologist on whales, had recently recorded a predicament she had to face when she went to give a lecture in Canada on her Twitter account.

She went there to participate in a lecture held in Victoria, Canada. When she entered the relevant place through the main entrance of the hall, the woman who was in charge of the registration immediately stopped her and said that the sanitation workers enter from this door, not through another entrance. Moreover, this young woman has also ordered to enter through another door, which is the door where the workers enter.

She has mentioned the incident that happened there.

“At the place where I went to the lecture, when the young lady showed me another door saying that the sanitary workers go through this door, I told her to look back. There was a banner hanging there with my photo that was more than five times my size.

Dr. Asha DeVos has conducted a number of researches on whales, and she also runs a research institute called Oceanswell in Sri Lanka.

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