It takes time to correct wrong political decisions

Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara said that wrong decisions taken in politics are like tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is difficult to diagnose at first. But if it is detected first, it can be cured. But this tuberculosis is easy to detect after a long time. But it is difficult to heal at that time.

The mistakes that happen in this politics are like that. Sometimes they don’t appear to be mistakes. At that time, it was difficult to recognize. But it will take some time to cure the diseases caused by that mistake.”

We divided ourselves into north, south, west and east. In 1956, when we used to say Sinhala as the official language, we were caught when we said only Sinhala.

Our media has stopped teaching English in the major sciences. Today we have to speak in both Sinhala and Tamil, the majority of people here do not understand what I am saying. “We have gone backwards as a country and it is with great difficulty that we are slowly building up as a country,” said the minister.

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