Accelerating militarization, Major General Satyapriya Liyanage also joins S.J.B.

Retired Major General Satyapriya Liyanage, who served as the 54th Chief of Staff of the Ceylon Army, met opposition leader Sajith Premadasa today (23) and joined the Samagi Jana Balawega, said a spokesman for it.

Before serving as the Chief of Army Staff, Major General Satyapriya Liyanage served as the Commander of the Army Volunteer Force and as the Commander of the Western Security Forces Headquarters.

Joining the Samagi Jana Balawega, he has been appointed as the ‘Head of the Anti-Corruption Policy and Implementation Unit’ and as an advisor to the Leader of the Opposition. According to political sources, both the Samagi Jana Balawegaya and the National peples Power parties are making a strong effort to get the army personnel to join their parties, and in comparison, the minority population in this country is moving away from the two parties polirical sourses said

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