The two Sri Lankans who escaped from the country by hiding in a container deported to China.

Two Sri Lankans have been deported from China a year after they were arrested and tried to escape to Malaysia by hiding in an empty container of a ship anchored in the port of Colombo.

After arriving at the Katunayake Airport in the morning, the two persons were arrested by the officers of the Trade and Smuggling Investigation Department of the Katunayake Airport Criminal Investigation Department.

On January 30, 2023, these two young men entered an empty container loaded on the ‘MV Merks Unicorn’ ship anchored at the CICT jetty in Colombo Port and left for Malaysia.

After the ship arrived in Malaysia, the Malaysian government refused to allow the two to enter the country.

Thus, these two, who were taken to many other countries along with the ship, were arrested by the authorities after finally reaching China.