Health Services Director General Asela Gunawardena accused of abetting criminal homicide

Director General of Health Services Asela Gunawardena, former Executive Director of Drug Regulatory Authority Vijith Gunasekara and other responsible officials have been accused of aiding and abetting criminal homicide.

The allegation states that these officials have committed this crime by misleading the people by saying that substandard drugs will not be brought into the health system of the country, and by distributing substandard drugs into the hospital system of the country through the Medical Supply Unit.

On behalf of the profession and civil organizations, expert Chamal Sanjeeva, president of the Doctors’ Professional Alliance on Medical and Civil Rights, has filed the relevant complaint before the Maradana Police.

In that complaint, he claims that the Attorney General has reported the facts to the Maligakanda Magistrate’s Court that the human immunoglobulin antibody vaccine and anti-cancer drugs distributed in the hospital system of this country do not contain any kind of chemicals.

Therefore, the Physicians’ Professions Alliance for Medicine and Civil Rights calls on the police to monitor the reports of patients suffering from allergic reactions after receiving these drugs and initiate investigations into this incident.