Why G.M.O.A decided to giveup the strike

The Government Medical Officers’ Association states that it was decided to suspend the continuous strike that was about to be launched by their association based on several written agreements given by the President’s Secretary. Accordingly, the union announces that the current strike will be temporarily suspended at 8.00 tomorrow morning.

As decided in the Special Emergency Central Committee of the Government Medical Officers’ Association held last Friday, the trade union actions against the government’s tax policy started from last Monday. Accordingly, the medical strike which was implemented in 4 provinces of the island on Monday and yesterday in other 5 provinces had to be extended to a island wide strike action covering all 9 provinces of the island from 8.00 this morning.

During the strike, on the instructions of the President, the President’s Secretary has submitted to us in writing their position on the issues we presented.

According to the relevant document,

The government’s desire to continue discussing the alternative proposals on tax amendments presented by the trade union movement, including us, has been announced.

It has been announced that the agreement signed by the government with the International Monetary Fund will start from 20.03.2023. After that, the government’s willingness to consider the tax amendments we have presented for implementation at the time of the nearest first review has been indicated.

Agreement has been reached to give trade unions an opportunity to negotiate directly with the International Monetary Fund on tax reforms.

Taking into account the fiscal trends, the facts about the possibility of giving a special allowance to the government employees in the last quarter of 2023 have been given.

There is no need to explain the inconvenience caused to the people through trade union actions in the health sector. At a time when the sensitive matter as well as the views of the members were being closely considered, the Executive Council of the Government Medical Officers Association, which also paid attention to the signals given through the letter sent to us by the Presidential Secretariat, It was decided to temporarily suspend the union proceedings at 8.00 am tomorrow.

According to a press release of the Government Medical Officers Association

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