Who shot three of the world’s rarest monkeys near Talangama Lake

Professor Wolfgang Dittus, a primate ethologist, says that due to the ongoing urban deforestation in the urban areas of Sri Lanka, the Western purple-faced langur (Leaf Monkey) is facing a severe threat to its existence.

Wolfgang Dittus

These monkeys are losing their habitat due to increasing deforestation. He says that these animals have to pass through the roofs and gardens of houses in search of food.

Due to this condition, they are at high risk of being bitten by dogs, abused by people and in car accidents. Social media had recently reported that three purple-faced green monkeys were shot at near Thalangama Lake, resulting in the death of two animals from injuries.

The western purple-faced langur (Leaf monkey) is a protected species under section 30 of the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance (FFPO). This species is an internationally assessed subspecies of Critically Endangered by the World Conservation Union (IUCN).

The western purple-faced langur ( Leaf monkey), an Old World monkey, is among the 25 most threatened primate species in the world.

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