Three policemen kneel down and ask for forgiveness.

It is reported that a police sergeant and two constables of Narahenpita police station bowed down and apologized to an 80-year-old citizen in the Supreme Court today and settled the case against them.

This incident was reported in a fundamental rights case heard before the bench of Justices Vijith K Malalgoda, Achala Vengappuli and Arjuna Obeysekera. This fundamental rights petition was filed by an 81-year-old citizen named Godwin Perera.

In 2017, while Mr. Godwin Perera was going to Asiri Hospital in Narahenpita, he saw a person who was removing garbage from the road and was in an accident and he was taken to the hospital. Before that he informed the police about it.

Later, the respondent police sergeant and the two constables arrested Godwin Perera in connection with the incident and put him in the Narahenpita police cell, the petition states.

After that, Mr. Perera, who was aggrieved by the illegal arrest and detention, has filed this fundamental rights petition before the Supreme Court.

However, the case was settled today as the petitioner Mr. Godwin Perera agreed to reach a settlement with the respondents. Judge Vijit K.Malalgoda addressed the three responsible police officers. warned the police officers not to commit such misdeeds from now on.

After that, the three police officers separately went in front of the petitioner Mr. Godwin Perera, knelt down and asked for forgiveness.

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