The weekend police operation collects information on 178,600 temporary residents.

The police have initiated a special program to gather information on individuals engaged in various criminal activities, including drug trafficking, who are residing in rented accommodations outside their permanent police jurisdiction.

Accordingly, on the instructions of Inspector General of Police Deshbandu Tennakoon, an operation to collect information about temporary residents in each village officer’s domain was conducted over the weekend (May 11 and 12) in accordance with Section 76 of the Police Ordinance Act.

During this two-day national operation, the police have gathered information on over 178,600 temporary residents.

In this operation, information has been collected about 112,963 people from 37,183 families residing in rented houses and on a lease basis across the country. Additionally, data was collected on 34,133 individuals from 10,755 families residing in rented rooms.

This included details of over 178,600 people, including 31,517 temporary residents such as house guards, domestic workers, and caretakers.

The information gathered on each individual is cross-referenced with the Arrest Monitoring Information System (AMIS), the Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), and the Police Narcotics Bureau to determine if these individuals are involved in any criminal activity.

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