The I.M.F splits S.J.B into two

It is reported that due to the polling on the agreement with the International Monetary Fund to be held in the Parliament this afternoon, there will be a serious division in the main opposition Samagi Jana Balawegaya due this polling.

It is reported that opposition leader Sajith Premadasa has been told that a significant number of the party’s parliamentary group should vote in favor of the agreement. Party internal sources say that the opposition leader has also agried with them . But it is reported that a group led by Member of Parliament Tissa Attanayake is urging the opposition leader not to vote in favor of the agreement.

Members of the party have pointed out to opposition leader Sajith Premadasa that if SJP opposes the agreement, the party will face public opposition and a large number of MPs will join the government.

Some M.P s explain sajith even if the S.J.B oppose the agreement it will pass by the majority . so it is point less to oppose it at this stage.

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