“Strike for another day or two” the bus owners ask the railway workers

The purpose of today’s strike is to deprive Sri Lanka of the financial facility of the International Monetary Fund, says Gemunu Wijeratne, president of the All Ceylon Private Bus Owners’ Association.

Ceylon Private Bus Owners’ Association says that they will not allow to undermine the country’s passenger transport system. He said that if there is a train strike today, they will also add additional buses to provide travel convenience to the people.

“Private buses will run as usual tomorrow. Several trade unions will go on strike tomorrow to distroy the country. We will not allow to happen this. They want to stop the IMF program through these strikes. We have come to know that there is a railway strike. We say. .”Strike for a few more days.” It will be good for us. We will also deploy additional buses. 13,000 to 15,000 of our buses will run throughout Sri Lanka tomorrow.” Gemunu Wijeratne said

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