One of the three who drank alcohol for the Competition died, the other is in the hospital

According to the report, a father of three who took part in the competition to select the person who drinks the most amount of alcohol held by a group of young people in Hatton area has lost his life and another person who is seriously ill has been taken to the hospital.

A 39-year-old man named Ganesan Ramachandran, a resident of Marlbro division of Lethernty estate under Hatton police domain, has died.

Last (27th) night, the annual Theru festival was held in the Hindu kovil of the estate, and a group of young people who participated in the event held a competition to choose the person who drinks the most amount of alcohol.

Accordingly, three bottles of alcohol were given among three contestants and it is reported that the youth group had prepared arrangements in this competition to select the person who drank the corresponding bottle of alcohol as the winner in the shortest time.

Three people from that estate participated in that competition and the deceased person won the competition.

It is reported that the contestant died in his sleep in the early morning of the next day after coming home after having dinner and going to bed.

Also, another person who participated in the competition fell ill and was admitted to Dik Oya Base Hospital.

The post-mortem of the deceased revealed that he was suffering from pneumonia and the food stuck in the throte caused his death. Some of the body parts of the deceased have been sent to the government coroner for further investigation.

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