MPs demand duty-free vehicles ahead of the presidential election.

A group of MPs from both the ruling party and the opposition have appealed to the speaker and government officials to reinstate previously issued duty-free licenses to import the vehechle before the upcoming presidential election. If this is not feasible, they also request the provision of vehicle licenses at a discounted rate.

Sources indicate that MPs plan to address this matter in an upcoming parliamentary committee session.

With two elections scheduled to held this year, members from both the government and opposition have raised concerns with parliamentary leaders about the challenges arising from the lack of vehicles for political activities. Some newly elected MPs from the 2020 parliamentary elections reportedly do not own vehicles.

In the past, every MP was entitled to a duty-free vehicle license, allowing them to purchase a vehicle valued at nearly 20 million rupees. However, due to the country’s current economic situation, the issuance of these licenses had to be suspended for several years. Consequently, vehicle imports into the country have bannd altogether.

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