Immigration boss arrested for creating fake passports for underworld criminals.

The Criminal Investigation Department has arrested a former deputy controller of the Immigration Department for providing passports to underworld criminals Nuresh Supun Dayaratne alias ‘Heenatyana Mahesh’ and Shan Arosh Liyanage alias ‘Mathugama Shan’ by entering false information.

It is reported that he, who is currently working as a Deputy Director of the Pension Department, was arrested while receiving treatment at the Sri Jayawardenepura Hospital.

It has been revealed that the suspect has prepared fake passports for “Heenatyana Mahesh” by inserting the fake name of Manikku’s Dinesh Silva and for ‘Mathugama Shan’ using the fake name of Dodangoda Liyan’s Rajesh Kumara Jayasinghe, according to CID sources.

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