I am resigning from the chairmanship, says Shammi Silva

Shammi Silva said that he does not expect to remain as the president of Sri Lanka Cricket. But he emphasized that the members and not the politicians should decide his successor.

He mentioned this while attending the special news conference held at the Sri Lanka Cricket Institute today (22) and further commenting there, he said that the ICC stated that the current situation was due to political influence and discussed this issue for about 45 minutes in the ICC meeting.

“The ICC took a tough decision. I explain them that we must play cricket. Otherwise we will fall completely. Imran Khawaja who came here also spoke. It was said that this decision was given because they realized that this was purely due to political influence. However, this is a big loss for Sri Lanka. The entire ICC decided to ban us except me,” he said.

President Shammi Silva said that cricket in Sri Lanka is run by an old legend, and the last World Cup failed because of the minister and the old legend, and said that no matter what anyone says, the ICC will only accept him and the officials who work with him.