Censorship of protesters by court

Two courts have issued an order against a group of protesters including Namal Karunaratne.

These orders have been issued by the Fort Magistrate’s Court and the Maligakanda Magistrate’s Court in relation to a protest to be held in Colombo today (03).

These orders were issued in relation to a protest to be held by the Kirigowin Surakime Center and trade unions, including the All Ceylon Farmers Federation.

Accordingly, it is reported that the protestors have been informed not to block the road from Olket Mawatha Telecom Junction to Ceramic Junction, the road from Ceramic Junction to NSA Roundabout, and the Galle Roundabout from NSA Roundabout to Scout Mawatha in Fort Police Domain.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance, the President’s Secretariat, the Central Bank, and a very small group are not prevented from entering the Presidential Palace only with a duly obtained permission from a government official who is responsible for holding discussions.

An order has been issued in accordance with the provisions of Section 106(1) of the Code of Criminal Procedure for protests, ordering them not to damage public and private properties.

Also, the court had informed that the court order does not interfere with the basic right to carry out a peaceful protest without illegal behavior.

Accordingly, Namal Karunaratne, TB Sarath, Susantha Kumara, Sumit Attanayake, Bandara Rambukwella, Susiri Ranasinghe, Nilantha Silva, General Secretary of the All Lanka Farmers’ Federation for the Protection of Dairy Farmers, Secretary of the Center for the Protection of Dairy Farmers, Sri Lanka Freelancer This announcement has been issued in relation to the President of the Union, the President of the Sri Lanka Podujana Sevaka Union, the President of the Swadhina Sevaka Union and the President of the Samagi Sevaka Union.

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