A fisherman was killed by a attacked of poisonous fish

It is reported that a fisherman in the Jaffna area has died after being attacked by a highly poisonous fish named Moralla in the middle of the sea. Hospital sources say that the fisherman’s neck has been pierced by the attack of that fish.

It is also reported that the fisherman who was attacked by the fish was taken to the Jaffna teaching hospital by the other fishermen in the boat, but he died. A 29-year-old Michael Colin Dino, a father of two, who resided at Fifth Lane, Gurunagar, Jaffna, has died.

The other members of the boat where the deceased fisherman traveled say that these poisonous morella fishes suddenly jump up and attack the fishermen in the sea water. They say that this species of morellan has more poison than jellyfish and that the lives of the victims of the fish attack are rarely saved.

The post-mortem examination of the deceased fisherman is scheduled to be held at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital.

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