Aura Lanka Chairman Viranjith Thambugala Remanded

Viranjith Thambugala, the chairman of Aura Lanka Company, who was arrested on financial charges, has been remanded until the 27th of this month.

Viranjith Thambugala was arrested this morning, and after being presented to the Colombo Magistrate’s Court, he was remanded in custody.

He has been accused of acquiring thousands of acres of land around Rajangana by misleading farmers into believing it was for aloe vera cultivation. Environmental organizations allege that no cultivation has been done on the acquired lands, and that boundary posts have been removed and damaged.

Additionally, farmers claim that he has not provided the promised benefits for the lands he acquired. Thambugala is also accused of destroying the tanks and canals on those lands.

Some time ago, he worked as a radio and television repairer in the Rajangana area, and many people doubt how he suddenly became a wealthy man. Apart from that, he has also been accused of threatening the Rajangana Police O.I.C during an attempt to organize music concerts in the forest area..

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