An international football victory for Sri Lanka after two and a half years

In the final football match of the FIFA Series 2024 Sri Lanka Edition held yesterday at the Colombo Racecourse, the Sri Lankan team defeated Bhutan 2 to 0. It is special that Sri Lanka achieved this victory only after two and a half years.

The first half of the match ended scoreless, but Sri Lanka came into action in the second half. Within the first 10 minutes, Dillon de Silva and defender James Oliver Kellaart scored two crucial goals to lead Sri Lanka to victory.

Moments before the end of the match, Sri Lankan captain Sujan Perera successfully saved a penalty shot from Bhutan, and Sri Lanka’s victory was confirmed.

Mohammad Fazal, a football legend of Sri Lanka, retired from the football, with this match and received a high response from the audience.

According to the world rankings, Sri Lanka is at 204th position and Bhutan is at 184th position.

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