A lesson from manusha about lenin

The Polonnaruwa district program of the ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ program organized by the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment started this morning (16) at Polonnaruwa National Stadium under the Participetion of Minister Manusha Nanayakkara.

Appraisal of expatriate workers, provision of scholarships for children of families of foreign workers, appointment of National Boards of Informal Occupations in conjunction with the ‘Garusaru’ program, awareness of changes in Labor Department rules and human trafficking, awareness of journalists, opportunities to connect with licensed employment agencies , educating young people about the world of work tomorrow, providing school kits to the children of those working under the Shrama Vasana program, providing a friendly classroom to a selected school, etc., will be held here. Addressing the opening ceremony, Minister Manusha Nanayakkara said:

“The sons and daughters here must have seen the video published about the time when there was no gas, they studied with bottle lamps, and there was no milk power too. It was possible to get rid of that situation in this country because the parents of these children went to the overzese and sent money. Because they sent the money to the banks in the right way. That is why it was possible to get rid of fuel and gas today.

When I took over the ministry, the ministry had fallen to zero, but till now, we have been able to bring 9.6 billion rupees to the country. Money coming to this country this month Exceeds 10 billion rupees. Today, we as a country and a nation pay our respects to those workers, their children, members of emigrant associations, and all migrant families for their contribution to the country as expatriate workers.

V.I. Lenin is the main person who led to the make Russia. The leader who gave basic strength to the socialist movement in that country. There are people in Sri Lanka today who believe in Lenin as a god. That Lenin said, “There are thousands of years in this world where nothing happens and there are decades when work is done for the sake of for centuries.” i also tell the same. this is the decade work for centuries.

Sri Lanka quickly recovered from where it fell. America’s Deputy Secretary of State in charge of this region named Sri Lanka as an example to the world. Today, it has been possible to put the country in a position where money flows, fuel and medicines are available. Some people say that we have not paid the foreign debt yet, that’s why we can keep the dollar at this level.

We will pay the loan from 2027. By that time, we will become stronger, build the country’s economy, and build enough reserves to start paying the debt. Therefore, the dollar will not go up again. We are making this change long-term. Our expatriate workers give enormous strength to the program of building this country.

All this is happening with the agreement signed with the International Monetary Fund. I remember some are shouting not to go to the IMF. in the past few days. Now whar happen to them. They say that they we will go forward together with IMF after discussing with amendments.

This is the country’s economy. While building a smart world, we have to learn to see the future world correctly. Every day in this history, when development projects, private universities, and investment opportunities came, the people of the country, who were scolded for 75 years, were not allowed to do any work. That is why this country has fallen here today.

Polonnaruwa is a very special place in the irrigation industry of our country. It was possible to feed the country with rice, make it self-sufficient, and create an economic growth rate of the country by sitting on this Pinsara land.

How many lies were told when they went to build Kandalama Hotel in Dambulla. But today, Kandalam Hotel has become a safe center for environment protection and an environmentally friendly hotel in the world. Today, people around it are economically strong. I reminded them that when we move forward as a country, we always oppose, fast, and stop the work of the country. We have to think about this now.

When talking about deception, people were deceived by saying sterile bras and sterile pills. How much damage was done to the Muslim people? We should raise our children not to be deceived like that. We have to raise our children to see the world with an open mind. Give this political understanding, think politically without party politics, if we don’t think with understanding, we will not be able to move forward even an inch.

Polonnaruwa District Coordinating Committee Chairman Jagath Samarawickrama, former Polonnaruwa Member of Parliament Nalaka Prasad Kolonne, Labor and Foreign Affairs Employment Ministry Secretary Ananda Vimalaweera, Additional Secretaries of the Ministry, Minister of State, Polonnaruwa District Leader Siripala Gamlath, Polonnaruwa District Secretary Sujantha Ekanayake, Foreign Employment Bureau officials. , government officials, divisional secretaries, police, expatriate workers and their children attended the event.

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