A holy relic offering from Sri Lanka to the Dalai Lama

Lord Buddha’s sacred Kapilawasthu relics, situated at a holy temple in Sri Lanka, will be offered to the Dalai Lama on Thursday morning, the office of Dalai Lama said in a statement.

The sacred relics are located at RajaGuru Sri Subuthi Waskaduwa Maha Viharaya, a Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka.

Notably, the Kapilavastu relics hold immense historical and spiritual significance, connecting the devotees to the profound legacy of Lord Buddha.

The Sri Subhuthi Maha Viharaya in Waskaduwa houses 21 relics of the Lord Buddha.

‘Waskaduwe Mahindawamsa Nayaka Thero’ is the custodian of these precious Kapilawasthu relics, which have been preserved and protected for generations till now at Sri Subhuthi Maha Viharaya in Waskaduwa, Sri Lanka.

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