A complaint that the visa issue is a political conspiracy

It is reported that VFS Global, which has been involved in controversy regarding the issuance of visas on arrival at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA), is preparing to file a complaint with the Ministry of Public Security over the incident. They are deeply concerned about the damage done to their globally recognized company by this incident.

The government awarded the contract to issue visas on arrival to GBS-IVS, a Singapore-based company. A multinational American company, VFS Global, was grantrd handling the technical part of the process.

But this incident was reported in the local political scene that an Indian company has been given the power to issue visas in Sri Lanka. The Indian Embassy in Sri Lanka said in a statement that an Indian company is not involved in issuing visas in Sri Lanka after the visa crisis emerged at the Bandaranaike International Airport last Wednesday.

However, last Wednesday night, there was a severe crisis at the arrival visa counter at the Katunayake airport and it is reported that VFS Global has never faced such a situation in any country in the world. The GBS-IVS company doubts whether the situation was deliberately created by any party due to the internal political turmoil in Sri Lanka.

GBS – IVS companies have submitted these matters to the Ministry of Public Security and the government will soon start an investigation, said top sources.

Before GBS – IVS took over the issuance of visas on arrival at the BIA, that function was performed by the Department of Immigration and Emigration.

In view of the problematic situation faced by GBS – IVS and VFS Global on Wednesday afternoon, the arrival visa counter was handed over to the Immigration and Emigration Department on the same day. To everyone’s surprise, all those affairs were restored in a very short time. It is reported that GBS – IVS and VFS Global companies have told the Department of Public Safety that the situation is suspicious.

The fact that these companies, which already provide visas for arrival in 67 countries, have failed only in Sri Lanka has now become an event that has attracted the attention of the foreign media.

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