Rajitha touches the media – also remembers Badumkara Froud

Rajitha Senaratne, Member of Parliament of the Samagi Jana Balawega, has criticized the media. Leaving a note on his Facebook account, he says that the Mawrata website has acted as a disciplinary committee for the private meeting between him and several other political activists at the residence of Ranjith Maddumabandara, General Secretary of Samagi Janabalawega.

Commenting on the incident, Member of Parliament Rajitha Senaratne said, “Shame on the mawrata!”

As a person who has stood for the freedom of the media since then, he has never been against a real journalist or the media that reports the truth. He also says that he accepts their freedom to criticize his political policies or practices.

Without written notice, private meeting in a residence cannot be termed as disciplinary investigation. he claims that it is ridiculous to say that he who is still in the party held the disciplinary committees which were not held for more than 15 MPs who left the party including Diana Gamage.

He says that he has no desire to join the government alone, and he has no desire to make excuses about his political vision in front of anyone’s committees except in front of his conscience.

In 2014, he challenged Executive Mahinda and left his ministerial posts, and in 2015 he rejected the request to be the comman candidate, and he says that ministerial posts are not big for him with such a history.
MP Rajitha Senaratne says that all I have to say about the website that published inaccurate news about him is that those who know their naked over the tressary bond in 2015


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