Nayana Vasalathilaka to Parliament. S.J.B to another crisis.

With reports that Samagi Jana Balavegaya’s Haputale constituency organizer Nayana Vasalathilaka is going to be appointed to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Badulla District Member of Parliament Chaminda Wijesiri, there are signs of aggravating the crisis within the party.

A millionaire businessman, Nayana Vasalathilaka is one of the main fundraisers of Samagi Janabalawega. He is also very close to opposition leader Sajith Premadasa. Internal sources of the party say that since the opposition leader has only been dealing with a few close friends recently, his support will be channeled to Nayana Vasalathila in the upcoming elections, and there has been tension among the politicians of Samagi Jana Balawega, who currently represents Uva province.

Sources say that the reason behind Chaminda Wijesiri’s resignation and Vadivele Suresh’s departure from the party after supporting President Ranil Wickremesinghe is that the opposition leader relied only on Nayana Vasalathilaka in Badulla district affairs.

Dilan Perera was given the leadership of Badulla district to drive Chaminda Wijesiri from the party, but in the future it will be permanently given to a Nayana vasalathila, according to party sources.