More heavy rains across the country. Sellakataragama, Yala Flood, Kalawewe sluice gates open

Due to the incessant rains, many reservoirs in the island are overflowing and floods are occurring in many areas.

The Tissamaharama entrance of the Yala National Park was closed due to the Menik River overflowing, and the Sellakataragama was flooded this morning.

Due to this, the Irrigation Department is informing the public by issuing an announcement that devotees should be more careful when visiting the area.

Meanwhile, our Anuradhapura correspondent says that the water level of the Kalaveva has risen again due to the heavy rainfall in the areas around the Kalaveva. Accordingly, the Kalawewa Reservoir Office has taken steps to open the two Kalawewa emergency spillways at 10 feet each by 8.30 am today (10).

This releases 9817 cubic feet of water per second into Kala Oya. According to the reservoir office, an amount of water of 9395 cubic feet per second is already flowing into Kalawewa through the catchment areas of Kalawewa. It is reported that the total water capacity of the Kala Lake is 87097 acre feet and that the Kala Lake area has received 31 milliliters of rain in the past 24 hours.

Dhehemi Madhushika – Kaweesha Vidanagamage

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