Jayagamu Sri Lanka to Polonnaruwa, with many foreign jobs

The ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka – Smart Tomorrow for Polonnaruwa’ program kicked off at the Polonnaruwa National Stadium last weekend, on March 16-17. Youth, students, migrant workers, and professionals from the Polonnaru district, known for its significant contribution to the country’s self-sufficiency in paddy production, enthusiastically participated in this two-day program focused on career opportunities.

Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment Manusha Nanayakkara, State Minister of Foreign Employment Promotion Jagath Pushpakumara, State Minister of State for Highways Siripala Gamlath, and other dignitaries attended the first day (16) of the ‘Magen Patangamu – Jayagamu Sri Lanka Smart Wadden’ program. Ananda Wimalaweera, Secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment, along with other government officials were also participated at the event.

Appraisals of migrant workers, provision of scholarships for children of migrant workers, establishment of National Boards for Informal Sector Employees under the ‘Garusaru’ program, along with programs to raise awareness of changes in the Labour Department’s regulations and combat human trafficking, took place. Additionally, special awareness programs aimed at journalists, opportunities to connect with licensed employment agencies, and education for youth about the modern job market were also part of the event. School equipment were distributed to underprivileged children under the Shrama Vasana Fund, and Smart Boards were provided to selected schools with the aim of establishing Smart Classrooms.

Addressing the ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka Smart Youth Club,’ the Minister pointed out that during the resettlement in Polonnaruwa, there were protests in this country similar to today’s protests. However, despite the protests, the then government went ahead with resettlements, which was a successful program resulting in Polonnaruwa becoming a leading district contributing significantly to the country in terms of paddy production. “We have to transform agriculture-based Polonnaruwa into a smart Polonnaruwa that will open doors to the digital world. Our aim is to implement smart agricultural practices in Polonnaruwa under the Smart Vaddo program. Opportunities like this do not come along every day in history. Therefore, we must make full use of this opportunity,” the Minister added.

The Minister’s advisor, Mr. Shyam Yahampath, also participated in the motivational speech held at the event. Following that, sets of school equipment were provided for the school children of families of migrant workers under the Shrama Vasana Fund.

Over fifty foreign employment agencies actively participated in the ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ program held in Polonnaruwa, offering a wide range of information on public foreign employment opportunities throughout both days. Registrations for foreign jobs were also facilitated during the event. Additionally, a consultation program was launched with the objective of empowering youth and providing them with opportunities for vocational training. Five hundred youths in the district were also supported through the President’s Fund to arrange for vocational training. Those who successfully complete the training will have access to employment opportunities both locally and abroad.

The Garusaru program, initiated by the Ministry to provide dignity and protection to those employed in the informal sector, has been successfully launched. As part of this program, facilities were provided for informal sector employees to obtain certification for their skills.

The definition of informal sector employment extends to informal aspects such as salary and all other employment-related factors. Many jobs in this sector not only lack proper working environments, qualifications, facilities, stability, and professional rights but also the respect they deserve. If the nature of the job itself leads to failure or a disadvantaged situation, renaming that specific job can be a valuable concept. The ‘Garusaru’ program, initiated to provide dignity to those employed in the informal sector, was implemented under the guidance of Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara. The ‘Garusaru’ program, held last week at the Polonnaruwa Public Stadium, was aimed at raising awareness among informal workers.

The ‘Garusaru’ program holds a prominent position in job awareness within the ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ program. Garusaru is expected to develop a social security scheme for the entire workforce. In the Polonnaruwa program, people working in the informal sector were also provided with facilities to have their skills certified. These certifications will enable them to access both local and foreign job opportunities.

Following the commencement of ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ from Anuradhapura, all the programs held so far, including those in Wellawaya, Kegalle, Kandy, Kurunegala, and Polonnaruwa, have been successful. The next program will be held in Matale and is expected to be a huge success.

The next ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ event will take place in Matale on March 22nd and 23rd at Edward Ground. Everyone is invited to the SMART Aragalaya to explore foreign job opportunities and contribute to the renewal of Matale…!