An elephant is missing in Sinharaja.

It is reported that one of the two elephants that have been roaming around Sinharajaya forest now being missing .

Media reports that Sarath Wijetunga, Wildlife Officer of Sinharaja Wildlife Office, said this while addressing the Kalawana Coordination Committee meeting held recently.

He said there that some time ago, two elephants could be seen in the forests and enclosures of Sinharaja, but now only one of them is visible. Environmentalists say that these two elephants are the last two elephants living in the lowcountry wetlands.

Commenting further on this matter, Wildlife Officer Sarath Wijetunga said, “In the last year or so, we have observed only one elephant of this elephant living in Sinharaja forest. Only the elephant wearing the radio collar can be seen. The other elephant has not been seen by us or the locals for a long time. These two elephants are the last two elephants living in Sinharajaya forest.

Sinharaja wild elephants roam from this area to Deniaya and Neluwa areas of Galle. Officials of the ”Kopi Kella” wild life office are keeping an eye on this elephant

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