Have you seen Ravi Kumudesh, the president of the Federation of Health Professionals, working in a hospital?

Dr. Rukshan Bellana, President of the Government Medical Officers’ Forum (GMOF) said that the health sector in Sri Lanka only needs doctors, nurses and necessary administrative staff to run a government hospital efficiently.

He said this while speaking to the media about a planned strike by health staff other than medical professionals.

He also said that outsourcing services such as laboratory services can be three times more profitable than this.

“I have never seen President of Health Practitioners Federation Ravi Kumudesh working in a hospital. Has anyone observed him actively engaged in any work. While most of us spend our whole day working in hospitals, Kumudesh is always on the road,” alleged Dr. Rukshan Bellana.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe was asked to bring the Medical Supplies Division (MSD), Medicines Regulatory Authority and State Pharmaceutical Regulatory Corporation (SPC) under his purview. He requested that these institutions be placed under the Presidential Secretariat for better governance and management.