Who is Chamara Gunasekara took a bribe of 250 million dollars to delay the Express Pearl case?

The Minister of Judicial Prison Affairs and Constitutional Reform Dr. Wijayadasa Rajapaksa said in Parliament yesterday that he has received information regarding an alleged bribery of 250 million US Dollars by an MP Chamara Gunasekara to delay the prosecution of the Express Pearl ship.

The Minister said that in the information he received, Chamara Gunasekara has credited 250 million US dollars to an account maintained by Natwest Bank in England, and the account number is 154793334 iban number GB 53nwbk 50000015479234Bicnwbkb 2L. However, the minister said that this is not his evidence but information.

The Minister further said that the Criminal Investigation Department will conduct an investigation on the order of the Inspector General of Police and that the officials will disclose information about this in the future.

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