Two Female Students Missing After O/L Examination.

The guardians of two schoolgirls have reported to the Ginigathhena police that the students, who went to an examination center yesterday (14th) to take an exam equivalent to the GCE O-Level, did not return home.

Police Chief Inspector Viraj Withanage, the O.I.C of Ginigathhena Police, stated that the students arrived at the Ambagamuwa National School examination center yesterday morning, and according to the complaint, one of the students came with her parents.

It has been reported that the two female students, who live in the Nagasthana area of Ginigathhena, Agraoya, and Nawalapitiya, are friends. Initial investigations have revealed that some people saw the two students in Nawalapitiya in their school uniforms shortly after that.

The O.I.C of Ginigathhena Police said that photographs of the two missing students have been forwarded to all police stations, and a comprehensive investigation into their disappearance has been initiated.

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