Two elephants from Sri Lanka to Pakistan instead of the African elephant that died due to negligence.

Sri Lanka will gift Pakistan two elephants following the tragic death of an African mammoth, Noor Jehan, at Karachi Zoo, Pakistani media reported.

The Honorary Consul General of Sri Lanka, Yasin Joyia, confirmed the news on Sunday, revealing that both elephants will be female, with one going to the Karachi Zoo and the other to Lahore.

Joyia expressed his grief over the death of Noor Jehan, who passed away due to prolonged health issues, which reportedly worsened due to a lack of care at the zoo. He also mentioned that there are currently no elephants in Lahore Zoo after the passing of Suzi in May 2017, who was the only large mammal there.

The Sri Lankan envoy assured that the names of the elephants would be given by the government back home, and their arrival would be announced shortly. This news has been well received by animal lovers in Pakistan, as the outcry against the caging of animals in zoos has been ongoing for quite some time.

The heartbreaking story of Noor Jehan’s plight has put a spotlight on the lack of care and attention given to animals in captivity, sparking outrage among animal rights activists in Pakistan and abroad. Many have taken to social media to express their concern and sadness over the incident, with calls for the zoo to be shut down.

It remains to be seen how the two elephants will fare in their new home, but it is hoped that their arrival will help improve conditions for animals in zoos across the country.

Source: Daily Pakistan

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