The Sri Lankan who killed 6 people in Canada is back in court today

The Sri Lankan student who killed 6 Sri Lankans in Ottawa and is in the custody of the local police is to be brought before the Ottawa court again today (14).

The suspect was arraigned in an Ottawa court on Thursday, where he was formally charged with six murder and one count of attempted murder.

Meanwhile, Google has taken steps to suspend the YouTube channel run by the suspected 19-year-old Sri Lankan school student regarding computer games.

In this regard, a spokesperson of the Google Company has stated that, following the tragic murder in Ottawa, the channel operated by the suspect has been suspended in accordance with YouTube’s guidelines for security and credibility.

Meanwhile, the BBC Sinhala News Service reports that the family’s mother, Mrs. Darshanee Dilanthika Ekanayake, who was murdered in Ottawa, has performed religious rites at her home in Sri Lanka.