The mystery of Nuwaragala reserve is revealed.

Mahaoya police said that the body of the missing young man was found at the foot of a cliff by a group of 08 people who had come to Mahaoya Nuwaragala plain reserve for a picnic on the 3rd.

This group came to Nuwaragalathenna Reserve on the afternoon of the 3rd and spent the night in the reserve itself. The next day, when we woke up and checked, one person in the group was missing, so we called 118 and informed about it.

During the search carried out by the police, the body of the concerned person was found in the lower area of Galtalawaka, which is located near the place where the group spent the night. It is reported that the deceased is 34-year-old Uhana Kumarigama, a managing assistant of the Mahaoya Water Supply Board. The magisterial inquest regarding the dead body is scheduled to be conducted today.


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