The missing child in Madurankuliya has been ordained in Kataragama

The Kataragama Police say that the 12-year-old student, who had gone missing from a house in Madurankuliya area about four days ago, was found in a temple named Gautama Sadaham Arana, 20 Acres, Dosarwewa, Kataragama.

The mother of this child has gone abroad a few months ago.

He was in the care of his grandmother and father while he was watching television at home and had left the house after arguing with his grandmother.

The police say that they received information that after coming to Colombo, the child was met by Bhikku and handed over to Dhamma Maithri Thero of Mahiyangana, the head of this temple in Kataragama as per the child’s wish.

Anuruddha Maitri Thero, the resident of the temple, has said that after declaring that he would like to be sewn, he sewed in the name of Subodhi of MaduranKuliya on the 20th.

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