The largest maternity hospital in the South Asia Opens in Karapitiya on 27th .

The German-Sri Lanka Friendship New Women’s Hospital (Teaching) in Galle Karapitiya, which is considered to be the largest maternity hospital in south asia will be opened on the 27th of this month. President Ranil Wickremesinghe and Minister of Health and Industry Dr. Ramesh Pathirana are scheduled to participate in this event.

The German-Sri Lanka Friendship New Women’s Hospital has 6 floors and consists of 14 wards. The bed capacity is 600. This is the first maternity hospital built in the southern province with 06 operating theaters equipped with modern equipment, 02 neonatal and intensive care units and special pediatric units.

Dr. Helmut Kohl, who was the former chancellor of Germany , decided to build the Mahamodara Maternity Hospital as a new hospital in Karapitiya, which was damaged by the Tsunami that hit the country on December 26, 2004.

The foundation stone was laid on December 26, 2005, one year after the tsunami, on a piece of land provided by the government through a grant from the Helmutkol Foundation.

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