Sri Lanka will join the top five most popular tourist destinations in the world next year

Sri Lanka has been named as one of the five fastest growing tourist destinations in the world for the year 2024 by the ‘Travel Off Path’ website published on behalf of travel information.

The country’s unique landscapes, warm climate, rich cultural heritage and delectable cuisine have been considered to attract global tourists.

According to the ‘Travel Off Path’ website, Sri Lanka has continued to attract visitors throughout 2023, showing a significant increase in tourists from the United States, one of the largest visitor groups.

Sri Lanka claims its rising popularity in 2024 – receiving a Tier 2 rating from the US State Department, the website said.

Sri Lanka has been identified as an outstanding destination for significant growth in the coming year. This recognition places Sri Lanka alongside the four countries of Tunisia, Mexico, Morocco and the Dominican Republic.

‘Travel Off Path’ is recognized as the world’s leading source of travel news, providing the most accurate and timely information for global travelers.

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