Sri Lanka Cricket’s support to promote cricket in Japan.

According to the Sri Lanka Cricket Association, the Sri Lanka Cricket Association’s relations with the Japan Cricket Association were further improved during the successful visit of Sri Lanka Cricket President Shammi Silva and Acting Secretary Krishantha Kapuwatta to Japan.

The Sri Lankan delegation was able to meet the main stakeholders and support groups of the cricket in Japan during this visit which took place at the invitation of the Japan Cricket Association.

The delegation of Sri Lanka Cricket held discussions with Japan Cricket Association CEO Naoki Alex Miyaji and assured Sri Lanka’s continued support to popularize cricket in Japan and improve the status of the game. The Honorable Mayor of Sano City, Yutaka Kaneko, also attended the meeting, which was held at the Sano International Cricket Stadium in Tochigi.

The President and Acting Secretary of Sri Lanka Cricket also met the Secretary of the Japan Parliamentary League for the Promotion of Cricket in Tokyo.

Japanese Deputy Ambassador to Sri Lanka Katsuki Kotaro and Japan Cricket Association Goodwill Ambassador Priyantha Kariyapperuma also attended these meetings.

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