Several state institutions summoned before COPE

The Committee on Public Enterprise (COPE) has decided to summon several state institutions.

The inaugural meeting of the COPE, which was appointed following the opening of the fourth session of the 09th Parliament, was held last week, during which Prof. Ranjith Bandara was appointed as its chairman.

The committee is scheduled to meet tomorrow (March 07), under the chairmanship of Prof. Ranjith Bandara and the officers of the Central Cultural Fund have been called before the committee tomorrow.

In addition, it is reported that the officials of the Sri Lanka Export Credit Insurance Corporation have also been summoned before the committee tomorrow.

The Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation has been called before the COPE committee the following day, while the Land Reform Commission has been summoned on March 09.

Meanwhile, this week’s parliamentary session is scheduled to commence at 9.30 a.m. tomorrow.

The Parliamentary Communication Department mentioned that the orders contained in several gazettes issued under the Motor Vehicles Act will be taken up during the parliamentary session tomorrow.

Moreover, the laws mentioned in the gazette issued by the President under the Essential Public Service Act are scheduled to be adopted without debate, according to the Parliamentary Communication Department.

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