Sajeen Vaz acquitted from Mihin Lanka corruption charges

The Colombo High Court today ordered the release of former Member of Parliament Sajin Vas Gunawardena from the case of misappropriation of nearly 883 million rupees during his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of Mihin Lanka Company.

The Bribery or Corruption Allegations Investigation Commission had assigned this case alleging that Sajin Vaz Gunawardena entered into an illegal contract with a Singaporean company when purchasing equipment for the Mihin Lanka Company.

President’s lawyer Shavendra Fernando, who appeared for Sajeen Vas Gunawardena, filed a preliminary objection and said that since the Colombo Magistrate’s Court had previously acquitted the accused of these charges, he could not be accused of the same offense in another court.

Taking into account the facts, High Court Judge Damith Thowatta acquitted the accused Sajin Vas Gunawardena from the case.

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