Risks of falling trees in Colombo city rising with the rain

It is reported that about 200 old and huge trees in the city of Colombo have been identified as being at threat level . Due to the bad weather conditions these days, the public says that strict caution should be given to those dangerous trees.

In October last year, five people were killed when a large tree fell on a bus at Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha near Kollupitiya junction, and there was a lot of discussion about the dangerous trees in the city. Accordingly, it is reported that the Colombo Municipal Council has identified about 1000 trees that need to be removed.

Town commisanor of C.M.C Badhrani Jayawardhana said that there is a program to identify trees at risk with the participation of a scientist from the Peradeniya Botanical Garden, and the council has a special division called the Land and Environment Development Unit, which operates around the clock with a staff of 150 including engineers.

The Colombo Municipal Council is currently engaged in the task of removing old and dangerous trees by cutting down at least one or two trees every day.

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