Although the prices of rice and kottu have fallen, the price of bread unchange.

The Restaurant Owners Association has decided to reduce the price of fried rice, kottu and rice packets with the gas price revision made last night.

Commenting on this to the media, the president of the association, Asela Sampath, says that the purpose of this price revision is to get the benefit of the gas price reduction directly to the consumers. Meanwhile, Chairman of the All Ceylon Bakery Owners’ Association, NK Jayawardena, who spoke to the media, said that his association is not able to pass on the benefits of lower gas prices to consumers.

He said that about 75% of bakery owners in Sri Lanka use diesel, firewood and electricity to make their products, so they cannot pass on the benefit of lower gas prices to consumers.

Litro Company has reduced the price of a 12.5 kg domestic gas cylinder by 1005 rupees, and Laugh Company has reduced the price of the same gas cylinder by 1290 rupees.

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