Parliament’s monthly electricity bill exceeds one crore rupees.

It is reported that the monthly electricity bill paid for the electricity obtained through 12 electricity connections to the Parliament Complex in Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte exceeds one crore thirty four lakh rupees.

According to the information provided by the information officer according to a request made under the Information Act, the total amount paid for those 12 electracity conection last May is 13,432,159.00. Among these, the highest monthly bill was paid for the electricity supply obtained for the Parliament complex under electricity account number 4270001461. For that, the electricity bill paid last October is 12,852,215 .92

The total amount paid for the 12 electricity supplies in the Parliament complex from May to October is 79,973,295.63 rupees. The amount is reported excluding September and October electricity bills of Pinniara entrance building, Madiwela street lamps and Pinniara security office. The reason is that the bills have not been received yet (10/12/2023).

In addition to the buildings in the Parliament complex, the electricity connections obtained for the Speaker’s official residence, Anuradhapura Metsevana Resort, Nuwara Eliya Commander’s residence, Madivela bactchular policeman’s house, Madivela sewage pump, Madivela water tank, Madivela electric lamps, Jayantipura vehicles and officer inspection unit will also be paid by Parliament.

Apart from this, MPs reside in 109 of the 120 houses in the Madivela MP housing complex and the bills of those houses are also paid by the Parliament and the money is deducted from the MP’s salary. Currently, the electricity bill of unoccupied houses is paid by Parliament.

It is unique that solar power or any other renewable energy source is not used for the supplies located inside or outside the Parliament complex despite having such a huge electricity cost.

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