Neluva is disturbed by the disappearance of a three-year-old child

Police say that a three-year-old boy went missing yesterday (15) in Neluwa area. The child of an officer named Shanti, who is attached to the small business development section of the Matugama Regional Secretariat, has gone missing. It is reported that this child went missing when she went to her village area, Neluwa.

Yesterday afternoon (15th), the family went to bathe in a stream near the house and did not take the child as he was suffering from some illness. After the residents returned, the child was still at home and in the evening he was carrying a bottle and engaged in various activities, the residents said.

Yesterday evening and night, a large group of residents, local residents and the police searched the area and along Dola Road, but no information has been reported until today (16) morning. If you have any information about this child, you are requested to inform Matugama Divisional Secretary Madhusha Sankalpa (0718122553) or the nearest police.

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