Mudalige’s resignation. Two political parties are fighting for power

According to its internal sources, the resignation of Wasantha Mudali will be officially announced and a new convener will be appointed at the session of the Interuniversity College student fedaretion to be held on the 20th.

It is reported that a severe ideological conflict is currently being created in the inter-university student fedaretion on several issues. Accordingly, Terence Rodrigue, who was expected by many parties to be the next convener, and Kobeituduwe Samitha, the former president of the University’s Students’ Union, were also decided to be removed from the position in the session held on the 14th.

Terence Rodrigue is the person who was the Acting Convener of the Inter-University Student fedaretion at the time of Wasantha Mudalige’s arrest. In the session held on the 14th, Wasantha Mudalige informed the Inter-University Student fedaretion that he would resign.

That an election is to be held for the elect of the new convener, It is reported that not only the Peradeniya, Sabaragamuwa and Ruhuna student union but also the Kamburupitiya Faculty of Agriculture Students’ Union have been banned from participating that election

.According to the report, it is very likely that the three candidates who will be proposed for the new convenor position are Mohammad Rifat (Baira) of Open University, Madhushan Chandrajit alias Bhima of Peradeniya University and Janith Janajaya of Kelaniya University.

However, a separate process is underway to bring the Madhushan Chandrajit to the position of the new convener, and due to the attempt to transfer the power of the inter-university student fedaretion currently held by the frantline socialist party to the Janata Vimukthi Peramuna, a severe division is occurring in the student movement. Sources say.

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