MPs Should Be Given duty free Vehicle Permits

Samagi Jana Balawegaya Member of Parliament Harsha De Silva argues that MPs cannot survive by begging from the public.

He stated that if MPs need vehicles, they should be provided, otherwise MPs might resort to corruption. He made these remarks in response to a query from journalists regarding the provision of duty-free vehicles to MPs.

The MP further to said:

“Some councilors are coming from Monaragala, Jaffna, Badulla, and Trincomalee. They say they cannot manage with their current situation. Can they do this job with their salary? Not everyone has retired from working in the private sector. How much are MPs paid? How much can be accomplished with that salary? If vehicles are necessary, they should be provided. It is very easy to criticize MPs for receiving various benefits. MPs cannot live by begging from people. Otherwise, they will resort to stealing. The MPs who engage in corruption do not need any of this.”

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