Minister hands over air tickets to 22 new Caregiver workers recruited for jobs in Israel

Air tickets were handed over to 22 workers qualified for Caregiver jobs in Israel by the Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment, Manusha Nanayakkara today.

This year, so far, 241 Sri Lankan workers have left for Caregiver jobs in Israel. Among them are 33 male workers and 208 female workers.
In January and February this year, 13 workers each were sent to Israel and 12 workers were sent in March for Caregiver jobs. In April, the number of worker departures for Caregiver jobs increased to 39 and in May, 34 workers were sent. Approximately 40 workers were sent to Israel in June and 51 workers in July. In the first week of August alone, 39 workers have been sent to Israel for Caregiver jobs.

Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment Manusha Nanayakkara had discussions with Korea’s Population, Immigration, and Border Authority (PIBA) to accelerate the process of sending Sri Lankan workers for Caregiver jobs in Israel last February. From the Sri Lankan side he assured that necessary steps will be taken to speed up the process related to the recruitment of workers.

Accordingly, it has been possible to speed up the recruitment process of recruiting workers for Caregiver jobs in Israel since April.

So far 480 Sri Lankan workers have been sent for Caregiver jobs in Israel.

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