Many benefits from Jayagamu Sri Lanka to Hambantota.

The Hambantota district program of the “Jayagamu Sri Lanka People’s Mobile Service” under the leadership of the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment started today at the Angunacolapalassa Prison Stadium.

The program started today with the participation of the Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment, Manusha Nanayakkara, and many benefits were given to the people of Hambantota district by the Foreign Service Bureau.

There, with the intervention of the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau, many programs were implemented to provide benefits for the workers who came to Sri Lanka from working abroad and their family members those who work with Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau.

Accordingly, 05 families of migrant workers who made a success of their lives by engaging in foreign employment were given 50,000 rupees each as an evaluation by the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau. Apart from that, 50,000 rupees was awarded out of the one lakh rupees given to 25 migrant workers for self-employment.

In today’s program, spects were given to 12 selected members of the immigrant community and wheelchairs to 9 people. Also, 25 children from immigrant families were given scholarships.

Sathosa vouchers were presented to 40 workers who had registered with the Foreign Employment Bureau several times while going abroad and spectacles were presented to 12 members of the expatriate community and their families. Also, for the first time, vouchers were awarded to the family members of 10 women going abroad for domestic work.

in adition the distribution of school equipment and school bags took place in today’s program.

In the selection of those benefit recipients, 20 children of emigrant workers who have completed their service, 510 children of emigrant workers who are currently employed, and 48 children of emigrant workers who have completed their service were selected.

In addition to this, 12 smart boards were awarded to schools in the area, one selected by the divisional secretaries of Hambantota district.

Hambantota District Secretary H.P. Mr. Sumanasekara, Secretary of the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment Mr. Ananda Wimalaweera representing Minister Mahinda Amaraweera, Presidential Coordinating Secretary – Former Provincial Councilor H.W. Ananda Gunasena and Special Assistant to the President Ananda Kularatne along with officials of the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau, Divisional Secretaries of the district, government employees and members of migrant workers’ families attended the event.

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