Kills priest to rob gold jewelery

According to Mullaitivu police, a group of robbers attacked the house of a priest of a Hindu temple in Silavattei area.

The police said that the robbers, who entered the house, stole 15 pounds worth of gold jewelery and about one lakh rupees from the priest’s house and fled. Preliminary police investigations reveal that the robbers entered the priest’s house by opening a window.

The priest’s wife told the police that during the struggle with the robbers who entered the house, the priest fell down after being hit on the head with a blunt weapon, and then the priest’s wife and another relative were tied with ropes and beaten by covering their faces including their mouths.

However, after fleeing from the house, the priest’s wife and relative untied the ropes and informed the neighbors who informed Mullaitivu police. The priest was already dead and Mullativu Magistrate R. Mr. Sarvanaraja came and conducted the Magistrate’s investigation. A 69-year-old priest named Appadurai Velayudham, a resident of Silawatta area, died in the attack.

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