Government officials are going to sew in Thailand

The Ministry of Buddhism, Religious and Cultural Affairs says that a program to refer government officials for temporary ordination in Thailand has been started.

The ministry said in a statement that interested officers can apply for it. Accordingly, arrangements have been made to hold this program in Thailand for 15 days in June.

The ministry also mentioned that the government will bear all the expenses for the government officials who are selected after an interview.

The Ministry of Buddhism stated that, with the aim of further increasing the existing cultural relations between the two countries, taking the birthday of the King of Thailand as a starting point, government officials are being directed for temporary ordination.

Further information for this can be downloaded from the Ministry of Religious and Cultural Affairs website hpps://

The Ministry of Religious and Cultural Affairs further states that these applications should be submitted only through the online method and that it is not possible to apply without the online method for any reason.

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